Automatic Attendance

You focus on teaching, AttendPro will take care of student attendance and inform their parents about In time, Out time and Absentee via SMS

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Attendance like a Pro

AttendPro welcomes you to the world without proxy-punching or wasting time marking each attendance. just providing fool proof security by ensuring that the student is personally present to mark the attendance.

When you replace your register book or excel with our AttendPro Software, It will track each and every student coming to your coaching classes and sends In time, Out Time and Absentee SMS to the parents, so you can focus on giving the student a better, more effective teaching facility.

Advantages of AttendPro


A biometric time attendance system enables you to eliminate student proxy attendance (or buddy punching). Physiological features like fingerprints are nearly impossible for someone to replicate or share, and thus makes it foolproof.


Attendpro ensures that the student is personally present to mark the attendance. It uses finger recognition to verify student's identity and record its time-in and time-out with all required details.


Zero human interaction is needed to mark the attendance. On-line monitoring highlights the immediate display of transactions received from the biometric machine

What our clients say

Yogesh Classes, Chembur

Attendpro has become a very useful part of my daily routine, now I can mark the attendance of students as well as teachers with just a touch of their fingers. Bunking Lectures have really reduced due to the SMS updates to the parents. You can also get well-organized attendance and performance report only on Classpro.

Eduhome Academy, Washim

We are happily enjoying the Classpro services and Attendpro has helped me to manage my coaching class and the students in a better way. The support provided by Divya and Vijay is remarkable, you call them anytime and they will be ready to help you without any hesitation. They have helped us maintaining the trust factor between a coaching class and the parents.

Plans & Pricing

7188 / year
Single Center
Free Installation
Unlimited student data
1 Branch